Who We Are  

Tour Guides, Amateur Historians, Partners in Crime 


Los Angeles is a metropolis. It’s big, and it’s sprawling, and sometimes it feels unknowable and inaccessible.  

Our goal through The Monday Project is to make this city feel more accessible. To nestle inside its different pockets and see what’s there.

The beautiful thing about Los Angeles, and cities in general, is that they are places people come to. From the world over. So, that when you find yourself inside one, you’ve got the cultures of not just this country, but countries across the globe, at your finger tips. A city tethers you to no one culture, no one food. It frees you to roam.

If you’ve not been to Los Angeles, it’s easy to think of her as synonymous with Hollywood. No doubt LA’s got her share of lurid and romantic Hollywood-centric tales. And they’re no small part of what makes this city the place it is. But the real novelties of Los Angeles aren’t its celebrity residents.

Tucked inside this city, on unassuming stretches of neighborhood street, under highway overpasses, down brightly-colored brick pathways, in the backs of diners, and the hindquarters of comic book stores, three-miles deep into dirt hiking trails of the Brentwood Canyon and the site of one of the country’s most intense race riots... you get to find the cult church on 3rd Street with its neon signs and perfectly manicured garden, a marionette theater that performs at 10:00 am and will give you ice cream post-show, even if you’re an adult. You get the El Pueblo market cluttered with dia de los muertos trinkets and delicious sopes, a speakeasy with live jazz, famous comedians testing their new jokes, an abandoned nazi-camp layered with spray paint and an intricate sculpture/home built with the help of 33 years and the resolve of one Italian immigrant.  

This city is swarming with strange and delightful urchins. We want to meet them, talk with them, see what they’ve built.

When you're feeling restless, get out there and explore. We're here to help.

Why are we called The Monday Project? 

Because we always hear 'I hate Mondays'. Well, we love Mondays because it's our designated day to get out and explore. It's also the start of the week; what an exciting time! It's our favorite day (the other six aren't so shabby either). Hey, let's turn that frown upside down and explore this beautiful city of ours. Happy Monday!