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Buckle your seatbelt and brace your tender hearts for this statistic: the average L.A. commuter spends roughly two entire days a year sitting in their car in traffic.


It’s hardly surprising that the fair angel city holds the inglorious title of the most traffic congested city in the country. Traffic here is notorious. Getting out of Hollywood during rush hour is like passing a kidney stone — it’s a long and painful journey out the all-too-narrow urethra of the city. And studies say traffic is only getting worse.

View from the La Cienega station off the Expo Line. 

View from the La Cienega station off the Expo Line. 


But there is a bit of a misconception when it comes to L.A. and her public transit. People assume she hasn’t got much of any.



Not only does Los Angeles have public transit, the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority (Metro) runs the second-most extensive public transit system in the country, behind only that of New York City. A recent study ranked her the third best city in the country for connecting people to jobs via public transportation.


The Monday Project is a huge proponent of using public transit. We use the Metro— which includes buses, the subway and light rail — whenever possible.


The last few months have seen some exciting new developments. The Expo Line extension is finally here, which means you can now take a train from downtown L.A. to the beach. It’s a 50 minute journey that drops you at the feet of the Santa Monica Pier. The Gold Line was also recently extended and now goes all the way from downtown L.A. to downtown Azusa.


There was a disheartening article in the L.A. Times claiming that, while billions have been spent to expand public transit in Southern California, fewer people are using it.


We shan’t stand among the non-users. In honor of our city’s public transit, we’ll spend the next few weeks taking you along with us on Metro trips. We’ll give you some tips for riding and tips on some of the great neighborhoods and sites you can access for a $1.75 fare.