project Travel Town and Southern Railroad

Ever wonder if Griffith Park has a place to ride a miniature train? Well, Griffith Park has not one, but two places within its 4,310-acre self where you can hop aboard an operating locomotive: Travel Town Museum & the Southern Railroad. Actually, there are three spots (phew), if you count the independent operation, Los Angeles Live Steamers Railroad Museum.

It’s Travel Town, Y’all!

Inside Travel Town are 17 locomotives (most dating between the 1880s and 1930s), a miniature train eagerly accepting passengers of all ages, a gift shop, and a little museum celebrating railway’s guest appearances in major motion pictures.

The museum's mission is to educate the public about how railroad history impacted the development of the American Southwest, particularly Los Angeles. 

Tavel Town is charm at its finest. Not the newest place. The map at the front desk was last updated in 2004. But if you’re looking for a fun and inexpensive (and educational) way to have a good time with the kids (real or at-heart), few things are better.

It’s the Southern Railroad, Ya’ll!
For the mini-train ride purists, Griffith Park and Southern Railroad is your cup o’ tea. The Southern Railroad isn’t a big town-to-do, like Travel Town. It’s just a mini-train. The ride, itself, is a little better than the one at Travel Town. It goes out to the entrance of Griffith Park, passes by a mini town, Griffith Gulch, goes under a trellis and through a mine shaft.
There’s also a Simulator meant to simulate a race-car.

Take Note:
Most expensive ride you can take is an adult ticket for $2.75.