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LOS ANGELES ZOO, it's a Zoo! 

Camel Lot at the LA Zoo

Billy is 30 years old, weighs 1,300 lbs and gets regular mani pedis. He’s one of the world’s largest living land mammals. Billy’s an elephant. He lives at the LA Zoo with his ladies, Tina and Jewel, and everyday (except Thursday) you can see him perform with trainers at the Thai Pavillon at 11:00AM.       

It’s easy to forget the majesty of wild animals when you don’t have one in front of you. Go to the zoo and remind yourself.   

The Los Angeles Zoo is the fourth zoo to exist in the city. Opened in 1966, it was preceded by the Griffith Park Zoo, the remnants of which you can still visit and climb around. 

The LA Zoo is home to more than 1,100 mammals, birds, amphibians and reptiles representing more than 250 different species of which 29 are endangered. Also on display at the zoo is an endless variety of Human. Please, Do Not Feed Children or Giraffes.

For more in-depth info on ticketing, events, etc, visit:      

Take Note: recommend you go when the weather isn’t blasting hot.